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          • Contact Us

          Business Cooperation

          We are continuously looking for new and relevant opportunities to expand our business. Welcome to contact us!
          FDF Business
          • US affairs--- Ms Chen (ccm@hnpoly.com );
          • tel+86-571 89385086
          • European affairs--- Mr Li (liyuguang@hnpoly.com)
          • ROW affairs-- Ms Yuan (yuanfen@hnpoly.com)
          • CDMO -- Ms Chen (ccm@hnpoly.com );
          API Business
          • Ms Yuan (yuanfen@hnpoly.com);
          • Mr Li (liyuguang@hnpoly.com);
          • Ms Chen(ccm@hnpoly.com)
          • Mr Zhang --- (zxd@hnpoly.com );
          • tel +8615650796886

          Career Opportunity

          Poly is a thriving pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise that having good career promotion with comfortable working environment. We are actively looking for like-minded partners who are professional in R&D, manufacturing, product promotion, and BD.

          • Resume delivery--- polyhr@hnpoly.com
          • Consulting telephone--- +86-571-89385059

          Sites Visit

          • Zhejiang Poly. Co.,Ltd. (Hangzhou site)
          Address: No.78 Xinzhou Road,Linping, Yuhang,
          Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311199, P.R.China
          Contact: +86-571-28971376


          • Hainan Poly. Co., Ltd. (Hainan site)
          Address: Guilingyang Economic Development
          Area, Haikou, Hainan 571127, P.R.China
          Contact: +86-898-65714800
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