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          • History And Milestones
          • In 1992, Poly was established in Hainan province.

          • In 1995, Poly’s first product, Nimodipine capsule, gained Market Authorization in China.

          • After 2010, Poly was subsequently inspected by authorities of WHO, EU EMA, US FDA. The first product Ganciclovir was exported to Germany and Netherlands.

          • In 2015, the manufacturing facility in Hainan was rated as “Demonstration Factory of Intelligent Production in Pharmaceutical Industry” by Chinese government.

          • In 2017, Poly completed Initial Public Offering and was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (300630.SZ) with approximate US$1.5 billion of market value (July 2018).
            A new facility in Hangzhou started its operation.

          • In 2018, the third facility laid its foundation in Anqing for high-end API with designed capacity of 300 tons.

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